Player Recruitment

“In my opinion, player recruitment is the most important part of a football club’s business plan because without success on the pitch there won’t be success off it. A club’s recruitment strategy will typically lead to one of two cycles:


  • Route One: Poor player recruitment = failure on the pitch = poor ticket sales = reduced corporate sales = reduced sponsorships = reduced revenue streams


  • Route Two: Successful player recruitment = success on the pitch = increased ticket sales = larger crowds = increased corporate sales = increased sponsorship = growing revenue streams


The right route is obvious, but far too often clubs will leave their player recruitment solely to their typically overworked manager. If and when they leave, this leads to difficult decisions with players on high salaries that the next manager doesn’t want.


I believe that to be successful on the pitch, player recruitment has to be professionally organised with input from the Chief Scout, their team, the manager, CEO and Board of Directors. By focusing on the club’s philosophy when assessing and recruiting players, as well as by prioritising open communication between all parties, there will be a greater opportunity for not only building a winning team, but also long term sustainability.”